Sunday, October 16, 2011

Botanicals - Nature's Skin Solutions

The use of botanicals in skin care products dates back decades, and even centuries. Many botanicals indeed have been proven to have powerful medicinal benefits.
Botanicals are extracted from plant parts through a process of harvesting, grinding, distilling and so on. The beneficial properties of the final product vary according to the time and place the plants are harvested, the consistency and quality control during the extraction process.
So select your beauty botanicals from trusted sources.
What botanicals are great for the following problems:-

Reduce skin redness – cucumber, thyme, witch hazel, chamomile, evening primrose oil
Hydrates skin – grape seed, rose hip, coconut
Soothes flaky scalp - olive oil
Plumps skin – allantoin , soy, centella asiatica
An all-around salve – aloe vera
Shields and protects from sun – coffee-berry, silymarin, grape seed, green tea extract
Antibacterial - manuka honey