Thursday, November 4, 2010

Bed Bug Epidemic!

"Don't let the bed bugs bite."

Anyone who has been bitten by bed bugs cannot forget the angry red welts and the excruciating itch!

Traditionally a pestilence associated with the Third World countries. Not anymore. With people travelling round the globe, so have the bugs. The problem can be said to have reached pandemic proportions! Read about the bed bug epidemic that has hit American cities. 

They stow-away in clothes, suitcases, mattresses and upholstery.

If you buy any new clothing, even underwear and socks, sheets, towels, put them in your clothes dryer for at
least 20 minutes. The heat will kill them and their eggs. DO NOT PURCHASE CLOTHES AND HANG THEM IN THE CLOSET FIRST.

Mattresses and upholstered furniture (such as netted office chairs) are potential minefields. Be extra vigilant with second-hand furniture that you have purchased.